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The Huntsmen have a time-honored history of battle and glory. Their children are tested early in life with a rite of passage that included hand to hand combat and even death. Over time, the wars had subsided and the Huntsmen were forced to seek glory elsewhere, seeking out mythical beasts of legend and lore. Often selling their services, clans of Huntsmen would take offers and dive into the worst possible situations, reveling in the thrill of combat.

On one such occassion, Lord D'Vayne recruited a band lead by Dain to defeat a beast in the Valshyr Forest. Unknown to Dain at the time, the contract was rigged in D'Vayne's favor, and upon their eventual return, the Barbarian Warriors found their homeland sold out from under them, many families destroyed or sold into slavery. The warriors revolted and fought back, but many more were killed or held captive.

A small group stayed behind even after Wyvern's Rest fell, hoping to reclaim some of their family's glory, but in the end sought their homeland in hopes of taking back their land. To this day, they have sworn to kill any D'Vayne on-site out of retribution for Petr D'Vayne's treachery.


The people of Ventera have always been a hearty, salt of the earth group. They pride themselves on living off the land and passing down strong worth ethics and clean values, honoring the 'Highland Way.' Unfortunately, recent events brought ruin upon the strong families of the Venteri Highlands. Petr D'Vayne's troubles in Wyvern's Rest cascaded to the surrounding communities and many villages died off entirely. Those that did not endured mounting pressure from tax collectors, bandits, and lords eager to pillage the mineral-rich countryside for themselves.

In the end, families were decimated and communities were lost. The highlands of Ventera slowly resembled the Outer Quarter of Wyvern's Rest...abandoned, and forgotten. Its survivors are proud, independent, and determined to continue their ways, regardless of the political landscape unfolding in their once-famous capital city.


Born from the fires of the Dragon Wars, the Province of Cambria quickly became one of the shining lights in the heart of Kel Doran. The capital city, Cambridge, is considered the ‘sister city’ to Sephyra, even though it is slightly smaller in size.

Due to the corruption within the Cyrean capital city, many royal families have emmigrated to Cambridge in hopes of providing a more stable living…and to reap the riches from the Way of Kings, the corridor between the Empire of Cyrea and the last vestiges of the Kurodai lands.

The coastline of Cambria does not provide the same level of protection as the rocky bluffs of Balson Cove, leaving the threat of pirates more pronounced. As a result, Cambridge is home to the Cyrean Naval Fleet, which maintains constant patrol long the Blackthorn Coast.

Due to tensions between Cambridge and Sephyra, trade along the Abyssal Path has stopped almost entirely, leaving their primary sources of trade to the south in Crossroads or by sea with other provinces to the East. Having to be more strategic in their trade partners, Lord Heartshorne of Cambria sent a delegation to the fallen city of Wyvern's Rest in hopes of restoring ties to the fallen city.


"Cy Rael," translated from ancient Kurodai, means divine gift. The land reclaimed from the gods during the Dragon Wars was such a gift. As such, 'Cyrean' once stood for all men, free from the bonds of slavery, until corruption, greed, and man's inherent lust for power shattered the old kingdoms.

The Cyrean of today are descendants of the old slaves, honoring purity, blood-right, and quelling any groups deemed 'unworthy.' The kings of today rule with an iron fist, driving their oppressive mandates through intimidation and, if needed, unrelenting force.

Capital of the Cyrean Empire and largest city in the Kingdom, the port city of Sephyra relies primarily on trading by sea and as such, is host to multiple sea-bound merchant companies. It sits along the rocky coast of Balson Cove, providing ample protection from pirate raiders that threaten other coastal cities. The coastal fortress has mounted trebuchets and ballista along the bluffs and supports a significant military presence along the King’s Road to the south.

Many prominent families still call Sephyra home, though generations of corruption and greed have begun to take their toll on the infrastructure of the city.


When the first men settled into the forests of Surrevhar, they found peace with the woodland spirits and created harmony within the forest. As time went on, however, the first men split. One group headed toward the coast, travelling west to what would become Cyrea, while another retreated deeper into the forest, becoming one with the spirits. This second group would built their cities within the trees and establish a natural bond with their roots. In the heart of Valshyr, the Kurodai were born.

The ancient Kurodai lived in harmony with nature for millennia, creating the greatest cities known to man, most of which man would never see. In time, the Kurodai extended a hand to man, offering assistance against the gods in the Dragon Wars. For their efforts, their forests were burned, their cities destroyed, and their heritage lost to time. In its place, a mist, ebbing and weaving through the valleys, decimating all life within its path.

Through centuries, the mist expanded beyond the borders of the Valshyr Forest, allowing life to return, though any semblance of home for the Kurodai had long since vanished. Petrified relics of a grand civilization were all that remained, and a whisper of fortune rustled through the ears of man.

While the empires of Cyrea, Seracia, and Kin'Ra all vie for control of the once sacred Kurodai Homeland, a small, noble sect of warrior stayed behind. Entrusted with keeping the memories of the ancient Kurodai safe and secure, the Order of Myyrh charged themselves with this highest of honors.

Lead by their battle-trained Sentinels, the Order swears to protect their legacy from those that would steal or otherwise diminish the virtue of their Kurodai ancestors.


Once the mist released its death grip upon the Forest of Valshyr, a gold rush began. Factions from across the known world challenged the unforgiving valleys for the chance to scour the secrets of the Kurodai. Most perished, but a few managed to survive the elements, establishing camps outside the sacred cities of Valshyr and Kir'Rael, as well as the ancient burial valley of Kir'Anora.

While most were only interested in plundering its riches, some came for another reason - to solve the secrets of the mist. As the unyielding wall of fog encroached upon man's new home, teams from all over were determined to find its purpose and stop it before their fates matched that of the Kurodai. Of all the known expedition forces, none ever returned.

A new such group emerged from the Cyrean city of Port Corcyra. Eramus Caro, a foremost scholar and archaeologist, assembled a team of the best in their respective fields from across the known world...the first team of its kind. Their sole purpose, unlock the secrets of the mist, stop it in its tracks, and save mankind from inevitable extinction.

While their intent was pure, the Caro's soon learned unlocking the mist's secrets would not be easy, and the valley held onto truths best left untold.


Long before the events of the Mists of Kel Doran series, the residents of Wyvern's Rest became survivors, not through choice, but necessity. They endured the oppression of various Cyrean kings and the tyranny of its ruler, Petr D'Vayne. The city rose to prominence on the will of its citizens and the undying spirit shown throughout its brilliant, cobblestone streets. It rose to heights unimaginable by any other city at the time - then it fell.

With a deafening crash heard 'round the world, the 'Jewel of the Highlands' was no more, buried under the weight of abandonment, forgotten by all, lost to the sands of time. Those with the means to escape fled the city. Those lacking remained, condemned to bury their sorrow while the walls crumbled around them. Lawlessness and poverty claimed the streets, and as the days grew longer, the shadows of the abandoned Outer Quarter loomed ever darker.

The eyes of the world turned from the majestic city, and darkness cloaked the once-jeweled streets. Before the creatures, before the pirates, those left in Wyvern's Rest's ghostly shell lived by one code. Adapt. Endure. Survive.

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