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Long before the events of the Mists of Kel Doran series, the residents of Wyvern's Rest became survivors, not through choice, but necessity. They endured the oppression of various Cyrean kings and the tyranny of its ruler, Petr D'Vayne. The city rose to prominence on the will of its citizens and the undying spirit shown throughout its brilliant, cobblestone streets. It rose to heights unimaginable by any other city at the time - then it fell.

With a deafening crash heard 'round the world, the 'Jewel of the Highlands' was no more, buried under the weight of abandonment, forgotten by all, lost to the sands of time. Those with the means to escape fled the city. Those lacking remained, condemned to bury their sorrow while the walls crumbled around them. Lawlessness and poverty claimed the streets, and as the days grew longer, the shadows of the abandoned Outer Quarter loomed ever darker.

The eyes of the world turned from the majestic city, and darkness cloaked the once-jeweled streets. Before the creatures, before the pirates, those left in Wyvern's Rest's ghostly shell lived by one code. Adapt. Endure. Survive.

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"This doesn't belong to you anymore. And neither do I"



"Alchemy. That is where the real magic is. Not parlor tricks and party favors."

Captain of the Guard




Cooper's Brother


"You're gonna get caught one of these days, Coop."

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