The heart of a book is its story, and the soul of a story is its characters. 

In the Mists of Kel Doran series, great pride has been taken to place importance on each of its characters, developing them into full, well-rounded, individuals. If you've read the series, you'll know the efforts I've taken to weave the characters into their respective stories and bring out the details that make them unique.

Welcome to the Characters portion of the MoKD Wiki! Take time to look at each of your favorite characters, read their bio, follow their story, and preview any custom artwork I've created for them.

Currently, the story of Kel Doran is divided among two main arenas, While Ava and the 'Survivors' fight to save the fallen city of Wyvern's Rest, Syndra leads the Caro expedition to plunder the secrets of the mist.

Choose the arena and discover the characters within!

As the cast grows, I'll be adding more info...check back regularly to see updates to your favorite characters!

Wyvern's Rest Arena

Valshyr Arena


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