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Born from the fires of the Dragon Wars, the Province of Cambria quickly became one of the shining lights in the heart of Kel Doran. The capital city, Cambridge, is considered the ‘sister city’ to Sephyra, even though it is slightly smaller in size.

Due to the corruption within the Cyrean capital city, many royal families have emmigrated to Cambridge in hopes of providing a more stable living…and to reap the riches from the Way of Kings, the corridor between the Empire of Cyrea and the last vestiges of the Kurodai lands.

The coastline of Cambria does not provide the same level of protection as the rocky bluffs of Balson Cove, leaving the threat of pirates more pronounced. As a result, Cambridge is home to the Cyrean Naval Fleet, which maintains constant patrol long the Blackthorn Coast.

Due to tensions between Cambridge and Sephyra, trade along the Abyssal Path has stopped almost entirely, leaving their primary sources of trade to the south in Crossroads or by sea with other provinces to the East. Having to be more strategic in their trade partners, Lord Heartshorne of Cambria sent a delegation to the fallen city of Wyvern's Rest in hopes of restoring ties to the fallen city.

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"They all have a story. They all died too soon, and for the wrong reasons."

Lieutenant, Cambrian Navy


"Thank you, my friend...For Camille."

Anduin's Daughter


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