​A little about me....

First and foremost, I'm a husband and father of 3.  I work in the IT field, but have dabbled in writing and 3D art most of my life as a hobby...but as my age increases, my desire to turn my hobbies into a full-time passion weighs more and more :)  

I would love to dedicate my life to writing, complementing my work with art representative of my series; but there's bills to be paid, colleges to attend, and a whole host of other obligations...so until I figure out how to make the switch, I work on my project as 'time permits' 


Pay What You Want

PWYW Pricing...

2020 was rough on many families, and 2021 isn't letting up. I've seen what troubled times can do, and the stress it can create on even the strongest of individuals. As an author, I didn't get into writing for the money - I write because there's a story inside me that I want to get out - If nothing else, to serve as a 'break' from the world we know.

For this reason, I'm offering all of my books available on a 'whatever you can pay' basis. What does that mean? Exactly how it sounds - for any eBook published in my series, simply click the link, and fill in the field with whatever you want. Feeling generous? Great. Struggling to make ends meet? I completely understand. If you need a free book to get you through a tough time, the Mists of Kel Doran series is here.


I hope you and your families are doing the best you can, given the circumstances. For me, an author, your enjoyment of my series and thoughtful feedback are far more valuable than what I would gain by selling a copy. Our most precious commodity is time, and that's all I'll ask in return for a few moments immersed in the world of Kel Doran.


S.L. Matthews

My Inspiration

I've always been in awe of the inhumanities that man is capable of inflicting upon itself.  Whether it be because of a difference in color, beliefs, or simply the symbol worn on their uniform, human history is fraught with terrible records of cruelty toward one another, often-times in the name of 'religion'.


 My goal isn't to make a religious stance...truthfully, I don't consider myself an overly religious person...but I want to paint a picture of what I would call man's 'darkest days' and the acts they're willing to commit in defense of their beliefs.  Given the right conditions, fear, hate, power, and greed can form the perfect storm in the hearts of man.

Salem, Massachusetts

Indians threatening attack, dangerously low food supplies, and fear of the unknown lead a group of otherwise normal, intelligent men and women to commit amazing acts of inhumanity toward one another.  Genuine fear coupled with a rigid, structured lifestyle turned the citizens of Salem, MA into one of the most notorious settlements in human history.

Germany, World War II

After World War I, Germany came together as a nation to become the most scientifically advanced, intelligent country in the world.  Their production power was second to none and they were paving the way in scientific advances.  A power-driven man with hatred in his heart, coupled with a society that 'stood by' and watched it all unfold, brought meaning to the phrase "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Middle Ages, Crusades

During the Medieval Era, the 'Muslim Turks' invaded the kingdom of Jerusalem, believing it was their right to reclaim the land 'stolen' by the Holy Roman Empire.  Pope Urban II sent out a request for aid and some of the bloodiest centuries in human history commenced...a battleground that still exists today.  The Christians of Europe and England believed without fail that the kingdom of Jerusalem and the 'Holy Land' belonged to them and them alone.  


They believed it so blindly that they would march entire armies across the continent to slaughter every living Muslim man, woman, or child that sought to take up residence within the city walls.  With each fall of their land, the Muslims would gather an army of their own and offer the same fate to any Christians left in the city.  With religion by their side and hate in their hearts, hundred of thousands lost their lives.

My Goal

With all these ideas trying to get out, I'm working on creating a serialized eBook series that depicts the darkest days in human history.  I will try to release them sequentially with the thought that maybe I could gain enough momentum to do this full-time and spend more time with my kids!

In addition, I'll be creating still imagery and photo support of the book series through Blender 3D with the intent that I will create an animated series to complement by book!

Lofty goals, I know...but I'm eager and willing to make it happen!

Follow My Project

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