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"Cy Rael," translated from ancient Kurodai, means divine gift. The land reclaimed from the gods during the Dragon Wars was such a gift. As such, 'Cyrean' once stood for all men, free from the bonds of slavery, until corruption, greed, and man's inherent lust for power shattered the old kingdoms.

The Cyrean of today are descendants of the old slaves, honoring purity, blood-right, and quelling any groups deemed 'unworthy.' The kings of today rule with an iron fist, driving their oppressive mandates through intimidation and, if needed, unrelenting force.

Capital of the Cyrean Empire and largest city in the Kingdom, the port city of Sephyra relies primarily on trading by sea and as such, is host to multiple sea-bound merchant companies. It sits along the rocky coast of Balson Cove, providing ample protection from pirate raiders that threaten other coastal cities. The coastal fortress has mounted trebuchets and ballista along the bluffs and supports a significant military presence along the King’s Road to the south.

Many prominent families still call Sephyra home, though generations of corruption and greed have begun to take their toll on the infrastructure of the city.

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Caro Protector


Captain of Cyrean Army


Sergeant / Mercenary


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