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Once the mist released its death grip upon the Forest of Valshyr, a gold rush began. Factions from across the known world challenged the unforgiving valleys for the chance to scour the secrets of the Kurodai. Most perished, but a few managed to survive the elements, establishing camps outside the sacred cities of Valshyr and Kir'Rael, as well as the ancient burial valley of Kir'Anora.

While most were only interested in plundering its riches, some came for another reason - to solve the secrets of the mist. As the unyielding wall of fog encroached upon man's new home, teams from all over were determined to find its purpose and stop it before their fates matched that of the Kurodai. Of all the known expedition forces, none ever returned.

A new such group emerged from the Cyrean city of Port Corcyra. Eramus Caro, a foremost scholar and archaeologist, assembled a team of the best in their respective fields from across the known world...the first team of its kind. Their sole purpose, unlock the secrets of the mist, stop it in its tracks, and save mankind from inevitable extinction.

While their intent was pure, the Caro's soon learned unlocking the mist's secrets would not be easy, and the valley held onto truths best left untold.

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"Gods, be damned! What is this place? Mist that isn’t mist. Fire that isn’t fire. Dead that aren’t…”



Expedition Leader / Archeologist


Archeologists' Daughter


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