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The Huntsmen have a time-honored history of battle and glory. Their children are tested early in life with a rite of passage that included hand to hand combat and even death. Over time, the wars had subsided and the Huntsmen were forced to seek glory elsewhere, seeking out mythical beasts of legend and lore. Often selling their services, clans of Huntsmen would take offers and dive into the worst possible situations, reveling in the thrill of combat.

On one such occassion, Lord D'Vayne recruited a band lead by Dain to defeat a beast in the Valshyr Forest. Unknown to Dain at the time, the contract was rigged in D'Vayne's favor, and upon their eventual return, the Barbarian Warriors found their homeland sold out from under them, many families destroyed or sold into slavery. The warriors revolted and fought back, but many more were killed or held captive.

A small group stayed behind even after Wyvern's Rest fell, hoping to reclaim some of their family's glory, but in the end sought their homeland in hopes of taking back their land. To this day, they have sworn to kill any D'Vayne on-site out of retribution for Petr D'Vayne's treachery.

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Leader of the Hunstmen






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