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When the first men settled into the forests of Surrevhar, they found peace with the woodland spirits and created harmony within the forest. As time went on, however, the first men split. One group headed toward the coast, travelling west to what would become Cyrea, while another retreated deeper into the forest, becoming one with the spirits. This second group would built their cities within the trees and establish a natural bond with their roots. In the heart of Valshyr, the Kurodai were born.

The ancient Kurodai lived in harmony with nature for millennia, creating the greatest cities known to man, most of which man would never see. In time, the Kurodai extended a hand to man, offering assistance against the gods in the Dragon Wars. For their efforts, their forests were burned, their cities destroyed, and their heritage lost to time. In its place, a mist, ebbing and weaving through the valleys, decimating all life within its path.

Through centuries, the mist expanded beyond the borders of the Valshyr Forest, allowing life to return, though any semblance of home for the Kurodai had long since vanished. Petrified relics of a grand civilization were all that remained, and a whisper of fortune rustled through the ears of man.

While the empires of Cyrea, Seracia, and Kin'Ra all vie for control of the once sacred Kurodai Homeland, a small, noble sect of warrior stayed behind. Entrusted with keeping the memories of the ancient Kurodai safe and secure, the Order of Myyrh charged themselves with this highest of honors.

Lead by their battle-trained Sentinels, the Order swears to protect their legacy from those that would steal or otherwise diminish the virtue of their Kurodai ancestors.

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Sentinel Mistress


“I know an Ava, though...I believe she has something of mine."

Caro Expedition Scout


"It is not a creature. It is pain. It is evil. It is a hunger never sated, and a thirst never quenched.”

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