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Kingdom of One - Reveal

It's finally here! - the official cover for the upcoming release of book three, Kingdom of One. If you've followed my series, you'll know this cover has gone through a few iterations...and you also know this book's been in the works for a while now!

After working closely with the designer, I'm incredibly pleased with the final results, especially since I got to include my drawing of Raelyn on the cover!

Keep reading to discover what inspiration went into this cover's design, and what changed along the way. I'd also love to hear your thoughts!

*** To avoid spoilers / search engine bots, access to some links in this article may require a FREE site membership. There is no cost for this access...just a way for me to deliver content to those that wish to see it.



I knew it was time for Ava to get some of the spotlight, even if it's shared with another character. She only appeared as a blip on the cover of book one, and wasn't on book two at all (that was Syndra). For being the main character through this part of the series...the girl deserved a little real estate! :)

As you probably have seen, the original idea for my cover was a silhouetted image of Ava, set against a background of flame. Most of you even weighed in on it via a survey...and 80% of you liked it.

It just didn't have the 'pop' I wanted, however. I'm sure a professional cover designer could have done something with it, but I wanted something more 'interesting' than a single silhouette, yet still maintained the idea of Ava being the central figure, surrounded by fire and a sense of destruction.


I began work with Elementi Studio from and gave her a list of 'gotta have's' for the cover, allowing her creativity to fill in the blanks. My requirements were simple: a larger silhouette of a young girl, surrounded by fire/destruction, with a smaller, mysterious warrior silhouette inset.

Large Silhouette:

~ Young girl with wavy, blonde hair

~ Brilliant blue eyes

~ Maroon Tunic falling off her shoulder

~ Gold accents on Tunic

~ Black amulet made of irregular stones

Smaller Silhouette;

~ Twin Bladed - Female warrior

~ Braided, long, black hair

~ Tattoos on face and body

~ Scar across face from prior battle

~ Light armor and a cloak


~ Remnants of fire or battle

~ Decaying / Destroyed pieces of the silhouette

I submitted samples of Ava I've either drawn or had done over the years, along with my recent coloring of Raelyn's photo, and left the rest to her - She nailed it on the first try!

I was blown away! I offered a few suggestions and we went back and forth with various subtle adjustments...but the entire process took less than 48 hours. I couldn't believe it! I've now used 99Designs for all three covers, and have had an amazing experience each time. If you're exploring the idea of writing a book and need a professional cover, I personally wouldn't look anywhere else.

I'll wrap this up with a wallpaper I made from the new cover (Currently my Windows Lock Screen and Background), along with an updated series banner showing all three books. I'll see you again for Book Four!

Download the full, 4K version here;

KoO Wallpaper 3840x2160
Download ZIP • 10.94MB

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