The Weave of Fate

Dragon-Touched Book One

- A Mists of Kel Doran Novel -



Abandoned by some, forgotten by all...
Chapter I: The Weave of Fate

Tucked away in a forgotten part of the world and forsaken by their leaders; those left to stagnate within the crumbling walls of Wyvern’s Rest bear witness to the encroaching shadow. As the glory of the city gives way to chaos and decay, life creeps on for those left behind. A young servant, bound to the routine of the only life she’s ever known, Ava labors to find any semblance of solace:

The suffocating stillness of small talk.

The hollow echo of unhappy laughter.

The occasional sea breeze from the docks is the only reprieve from the sweltering reality of a life unlived--and whispers of the possibility of more. While the old tavern plays host to grand dreamers, it remains a static prison for a girl with dreams of her own. It is only when eyes are fixed to the horizon that allow the unexpected - and the evil - to slip in.

As darkness descends, it offers young Ava a terrifying truth: that this world is far bigger than just what lies beyond the walls - and infinitely darker.

Beware the crimson carriage. Trust no one. Find the truth.

For something sinister approaches, and more than just fate is at hand.

WatcH tHe TRaileR

The Weave of Fate

WhaT OtHeRS ARe SaYiNg

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