Beyond the Wall

Wyvern Chronicles: Chapter I

- A Mists of Kel Doran Novella -


1st Draft

Back straight. Elbow up. Breathe…

A father’s words echo clear. The bowstring groans; fingers clenched. In the stillness, a sharp thwack pierces the deep. For a young boy on the brink of great change, within the walls of Wyvern’s Rest, a steady shot is the difference between life and death.

Dari hears the call of the wild, loud and clear. It consumes his thoughts: stalking his prey, raising his bow, and reveling in the glory of a clean kill. However, for a six-year-old boy surrounded only by the threat of rabbits, squirrels, and the occasional jagged fence post, the thrill of the hunt has eluded him.

While Dari’s father and sister hunt beyond the wall, the young boy spends his days alongside his mother: foraging, harvesting, and resenting a life unfulfilled. But when a wolf attacks his family and threatens the only life he’s ever known, Dari finds himself at a crossroads: survival or revenge?

His mind plagued, Dari now seeks retaliation, and a four-legged demon, known only as ‘Silver.’ What is the cost of vengeance when the hunter - becomes the hunted?

WatcH tHe TRaileR

WhaT OtHeRS ARe SaYiNg







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