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The Immersive Fantasy World of Kel Doran Awaits

Enter the Mist...

Primary Series

Multi-Season Epic Storyline, Detailing of the World of Kel Doran

The Weave of Fate

Shadowfall Book One

The Weave of Fate

Abandoned By Some, Forgotten By All...

Refugees flee the fallen city of Wyvern's Rest as a new darkness rises from the shadow of the Outer Quarter

Ageless Fury

Shadowfall Book Two

Ageless Fury

Evil Awakens...

The Caro Expedition braves the fabled Forest of Valshyr, the fate of the world resting in their hands. All they learn - nothing is as it seems.

Kingdom of One

Shadowfall Book Three

Kingdom of One

The Battle For Wyvern's Rest Begins...

The beleaguered city of Wyvern's Rest faces overwhelming odds as the shadows decent. With no warriors and no one to lead, who will survive?

Wyvern Chronicles

Stand-Alone Novels, Complimenting the Sprawling, Epic Series

Beyond the Wall

Wyvern Chronicles: Chapter I

Beyond the Wall

Back straight. Elbow up. Tight grip. Breathe...

Dari's family fights for survival in the 'Urban Wilderness' of Wyvern's Rest

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