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Financial circumstances should never prevent you from enjoying a good book. All Mists of Kel Doran site members and subscribers will have the ability to enjoy my series, regardless of where fate has placed you at the time.

If you're in a fortunate position, I welcome your offer with utmost gratitude. If things haven't gone your way...that's alright, I want you to enjoy my series. For those that want a little more flare, I feel obligated to match your generosity with bonuses. You'll see additional goodies associated with higher tiers, but know everyone enjoys the same book!

I appreciate your consideration, and if you'd like to see more of my story, please feel free to buy me a drink or even a lunch.

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Audible Download Code included, allowing the free download of the full-length narration of my book, by Amie Lyn Hornick. Free Audible account required.

Dragon-Touched Book Three

Kingdom of One

- A Mists of Kel Doran Novel -



Video commentary from me, the author, discussing behind-the-scenes elements and the 'making of' this title. Similar to what you would find at the end of episodes such as Game of Thrones or Westworld.

Bonus Chapter

An additional chapter, either of this book, or of the next book in the series. Sometimes this could be a short story written to complement the title.

Deleted Scenes

In any production, there are things left on the cutting room floor - scenes, paragraphs, passages, etc. All of the things that started in this book, but didn't quite make the cut, will be included at this level.

Character Cards

Concept art is a big part of my series. To complement that, I create character cards, including bio and descriptions not included in the books, as well as custom art, backgrounds, wallpapers, etc.

Signed Paperback

As it sounds, a signed, personalized, paperback copy of this title. U.S. readers, I will ship one of my personal copies to you at no additional charge. International readers, please help me cover the cost of shipping for this bonus.

Advanced Copy

Upon the completion of the next book in the Mists of Kel Doran series, I will send you an advanced release copy - before it even launches! It can be digital or paperback - your preference. International shipping applies to non-U.S. readers, if paperback is prefered.

** VALUE is a weighted, subjective price, factoring in retail costs of the products provided, and the time/materials required to create and format bonuses to production-level quality. In short, it's how much I, as the author, feel the package is worth to my readers.

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